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How Churchill Helped Win the First World War

" Equally informative and entertaining, Churchill the Young Warrior covers the formative period of one of the most formidable and influential figures of the twentieth century.  In stylish prose and with a perceptive eye for color, detail, and context, Mr. Harte follows Churchill the soldier, journalist, and politician.  The author parallels Churchill's public career and private life with a trenchant analysis of the political, military, diplomatic, economic, social, and cultural climate that simultaneously invigorated and roiled Europe during the three decades leading up to the Great War. "

author of: General Ulysses S. Grant, the Soldier and the Man

The Churchill Man of Destiny Series

How Churchill Saved Civilization

How Churchill Saved Civilization

World War Two and The Epic Story of 13 Years That Almost Destroyed the Civilized World.

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Churchill: The Young Warrior

Churchill: The Young Warrior

How He Helped Win the First World War
on the 100th Anniversary
of Armistice

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Churchill: The Young Rebel

Churchill: The Young Rebel

Waiting For The Next World War.

Churchill: Britain's Last Hero

Churchill: Britain's Last Hero

How the Empire was lost and a victorious Britain became transformed, ultimately provoking the "Brexit" vote to leave the EU.

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it!

About the Author

Author John Harte on Winston ChurchillJohn Harte was born in London, England, between the two World Wars.  He absorbed the experiences and lessons of the first world war while growing up in its aftermath, and lived through the second one.

The fact that the author was born when London was the center of the British Empire and the free world, politically, financially, socially and culturally, invests his books about Winston Churchill and England with particular significance, since few people are left who can describe at first-hand what it was really like.

He witnessed at first hand the bombing of London and the Battle of Britain; the launching of the D-Day landings from England's south coast, and the enemy's V1 and V2 rocket attacks intended to destroy London and its population.

He began his writing career as a playwright with four plays produced in London theaters.  He was also an investigative journalist writing for three leading publications in the UK.

After moving to South Africa to work in the advertising industry with J. Walter Thompson, he also wrote freelance feature articles for the two leading newspapers, which were syndicated worldwide by Reuters, and he also broadcast his own stories on the SABC.

He now lives in Ottawa, Canada.

representation:  Steven Harris, CSG Literary Partners

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